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Every farmer strives to find a good value for money for his crop.

ORC.KZ – the unique Kazakhstan electronic platform for the search of ways of association in one the internet space of most of producers and suppliers of agricultural produce and to show to the customers all advantages of acquisition of commodities of local production on the base of wholesale-distributive centers, that is the first similar instrument of electronic commerce in the system B2B. These can be both a fruit producer in the Turkestan region, a dairy company in Almaty, a Kostanay flour mill, and a fish farm in Aktau.

Objectives of our project – support for domestic agricultural producers in realization of their commodities on territory of Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad and also practical introduction of mechanisms of providing of population of country inexpensive foodstuffs by the exception of row of “unnecessary” mediators between agrarians, farmers and direct consumer.

What do we offer?

The possibility of combining the seller and the manufacturer

Ensuring the formation of direct trades

Quality control of products on the market

Make trading accessible and fast

Multitasking of platform


for the State:

  • Support of the state food stock;
  • Market transparency;
  • Prevention of overstating of prices;
  • Digitized reporting;
  • Reliable analytics, etc.

for the participants of market:

  • Decline of amount of mediators;
  • Consolidation of auxiliary services (storage, logistic, insurance of risks, trade financing etc.);
  • Placing orders for the next season (pre-order);
  • Prevention of spoilage of products;
  • Functioning of platform in the mode 24/7, 365 days in a year.

     We are sure that our electronic trade ground  Orc.kz will give an additional impulse in advancement of functional of the National Commodity Transmission System, including wholesale distribution centers established in all regions of Kazakhstan.

     Your interests – receipt of additional possibilities both on the advertisement of the commodity and his realization by means of the use of possibilities unique the internet of platform.

List of the given services

Basic services

  1. Opening of the personal cabinet on a platform ORC.KZ;
  2. Exposure of information on products and commodity of client-producer (photo, price, volumes etc.);
  3. Informative, practical and technical support on a web-site;
  4. Advertisement and advancement of products and commodities of client-producer on different trade-informative resources;
  5. Realization of products and commodities of client-producer.

Additional services

  1. Use of services and possibilities of wholesale-distributive centers (ORC);
  2. Insurance of commodities and products;
  3. Transport logistic;
  4. Trade financing from leading international financial organizations;
  5. Personal manager on a web-site (analytic geometry, market monitoring, advancement of commodity at the market of etc.